Post Season Information

Palestine, TX
HQ: The Villages Marina
Date: September 18-19

1st Place = Cash

Individual Trail:
Lake Seminole, GA
HQ: Big Jim's
Date: September 11-12

1st Place
SKEETER SX180 - 115 Yamaha

Cedar Creek, TX
HQ: Log Cabin Park
Date: October 23-24

1st Place
SKEETER SX190 - 150 Yamaha

Team Qualifiers

Team Rules

Individual Qualifiers

Individual Rules

Couples Qualifiers

Couples Rules

Entry Forms

Credit Card Entries

Team Trail Qualifiers may fish any of the Five Team Championships.

Couples Championship is for teams from the Couples Division Only (1st Place is Cash).

Individual Trail Championships are for all Individual Divisions (1st Place is SKEETER/YAMAHA).

Little League Championship (15 and Under) is held on Saturday of Individual Championship.

Minor League Championship (16 - 18) is held on Saturday of Individual Championship.

1st Place at Team Trail Championships Will Be Gauranteed (1st Place is SKEETER/YAMAHA).

Entry Fees are for 2nd Place and Beyond and Big Bass Prizes.