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June 25 - Lake Des Allemands - Photos

Boundary Limits Are:
Des Allemands - Somme's Marina.
Cannot go East of Myrtle Grove Canal or West of LA 1 Results Page

After careful consideration of the water levels in the past few days and the continual

drop in these levels, it has been decided that this tournament WILL be held as planned

at Somme's Marina on Sunday, June 25th.

Check-in will begin at 4:30 AM.

Boat # Angler 1 Angler 2
1 Brett Foret Kyle Blanchard
2 Jesse Haworth Jacob Breaux
3 Michael Rogers Tony Cunningham
4 Mike Gunter Tre' Gunter
5 David Schilling John Durrett
6 Ruben Chavez Troy Rickman
7 Kyle Bourgeois Doug McClung
8 Steven Rockweiler Eric Rockweiler
9 Bob Battistella Joe Redmond
10 Bob McKeithen Earl Rogers
11 Dustin Champagne Keith Guidry
12 Jason Deselle Jarrod Galloway
13 Jared Watson Cory Scallan
14 Dustin Boudreaux David Himel
15 Patrick Engerran Brandon Mohren
16 Willie Couch, III Willie Couch, II
17 Chris Babin Gypsy Navarre
18 Terry Blackmon Rodney Teel
19 Richard Krohn Robbie Clark
20 Ronnie Eschete Alex Bergeron
21 David Rodriguez Mike Hamby
22 Robbie Poche Luke LeBlanc
23 Blake Sylvester Mark Sylvester
24 Craig Walker Brent Bonadona
25 Joshua Crowder Jared Guyban
26 Rob Werner Bryce Hill